Medical Record Retrieval Services: Why Are They Ideal For Your Insurance Company In 2022?

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Insurance firms, on a regular basis, have to deal with large amounts of data and records to settle claims for personal injury, workers’ compensation cases as well as medical claims for their clients. Undoubtedly, medical records play a significant role in the settlement of claims for all types of insurance businesses and they can not afford to go wrong with them. Many such firms rely on in-house medical record retrieval and data collection teams without realizing how it may impact them.

It is possible that internal teams take a significant amount of time to retrieve a large number of records, sometimes more than a firm can afford. Not only is this method more tedious and time-consuming, but it also leaves room for errors if not handled well. This is where record retrieval services can be of great help. If a firm wishes to have data that is complete, accurate, and well-managed without the hassle of managing a team and its timelines, these services can ease out the entire process. Let’s talk about the benefits of record retrieval services in detail.

Benefits of Record Retrieval Services for your Insurance Firm

  1. Easy Retrieval

    In order to process claims, insurance companies have to frequently deal with hospitals and vendors who require easy and quick access to medical records. The greatest method to get better accessibility is frequently to outsource rather than rely on in-house expertise. When it comes to managing claims, insurance firms frequently have to contact multiple hospitals and various parties. When you outsource medical record retrieval, the insurance firms don’t have to waste their precious time contacting several hundred hospitals. Instead, they can directly contact the outsourced partner.

    Using medical record retrieval services makes it easier for an insurance company to obtain documents. If you lack the time or motivation to learn how to access documents protected by laws such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act(HIPAA), you do not have to. Everything is taken care of with ITCube’s expert medical record retrieval services.

  2. Expertised Record Retrieval

    When you outsource medical record retrieval services, you can rest assured knowing that the process is being handled properly. If you choose to set up an in-house team, you will have to spend a lot of time training them and it can lead to more errors. On the other hand, those that specialize in retrieving records can provide documents quickly and efficiently.

    Medical record retrieval is a complex process that requires specialized expertise. Errors are inevitable in medical documents, but they need to be minimized because of the variety and complexity involved. Our team can effectively interact with the custodians through the utilization of personal connections and a thorough understanding of their internal procedures. Consequently, we are able to avoid and circumvent delays throughout the entire record retrieval procedure.

  3. Error-Free Retrieval

    Your records are subjected to quality tests by providers of record retrieval to verify that they are free of any errors. When you outsource services to retrieve medical records, you can have confidence that the process will be carried out as intended without any complications. The retrieval of documents is a challenging and time-consuming process. Employing a firm that has previous experience is the best way to eliminate the possibility of retrieval errors damaging insurance claims.

    The retrieval of medical records is a challenging process that calls for expert-level understanding. Errors are unavoidable in medical documentation; nonetheless, given the breadth and depth of the subject area, every effort should be made to reduce the number of errors.

  4. Free Up Time For Important Tasks

    Outsourcing medical record retrieval can free up your staff. Team members should prioritize claims, coverage, legal liabilities, and exceeding the expectations of policyholders. Medical record retrieval is a crucial aspect of resolving insurance claims, but it can be outsourced without impeding internal efforts.

    The success of an insurance company is contingent upon the punctual fulfillment of high-priority tasks. Medical record retrieval requires status reports, follow-ups, and further actions. As a result, insurance companies may concentrate their efforts on their core competencies.

  5. Affordable Retrieval

    The cost-effectiveness of outsourcing the retrieval of medical records is perhaps the most significant advantage insurance companies may derive from outsourcing. Having speedy access to a claimant’s medical records throughout the claims process can help insurance firms save money on claim payments. However, this is not the only benefit. Errors in HIPAA compliance can result in expensive legal problems; therefore, it is essential to maintain medical records securely. If you have access to a trustworthy medical record retrieval service, managing sensitive information presents fewer risks.

    The outsourcing of medical record retrieval allows insurance company employees to focus on their primary competencies. This is a time- and cost-efficient method since it frees up time that would otherwise be spent retrieving medical records.

    Many insurance companies, healthcare providers, legal services providers, and other businesses have benefited from ITCube’s medical record retrieval services to streamline their claims and litigation processes. In addition to speeding up entire claim management processes, using our medical record retrieval services helps establish solid partnerships and facilitate faster settlements. Medical record retrieval is also easier and more affordable when outsourced. Reach out to us today to know more and get a quote.


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