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The Human Factor: Why Call Centers Should Be More Than Just Phones

by ITCube Team | 05 SEPTEMBER 2022 | CALL CENTER
In the world of call centers, technology has played a pivotal role. Not only has technology improved the work of call center agents and their supervisors, but it has also....

The Future Of The Call Center: 5 Predictions For 2022

by ITCube Team | 09 JUNE 2022 | CALL CENTER
Call centers were once limited to accepting and diverting calls. However, as technology and consumer communication preferences have evolved, this has changed...

Why Are Complaints More Important Than Positive Feedback In Contact Center Services?

by ITCube Team | 12 MAY 2022 | CALL CENTER
Keeping up with the competition requires a customer-centric approach. The best customer experience comes from understanding how customers feel...

Best Practices & Actionable Tips For Contact Centers Post-COVID

by ITCube Team | 14 FEBRUARY 2022 | CALL CENTER
Making sure that businesses were running successfully during the pandemic was no easy job, especially for contact centers. The major operational change witnessed after...

How To Use Intelligent Automation To Enhance Your Contact Center’s Profits?

by ITCube Team | 10 FEBRUARY 2022 | CALL CENTER
Contact centers are the first mode of communication with the customers for a business. The services provided by them can make or break the customer...

How 3rd Party Quality Monitoring And Analysis Help Contact Centers

by ITCube Team | 07 JANUARY 2021 | CALL CENTER
All of you must have called customer service contact center for some or the other reason. Whenever you call you must have noticed that almost all customer service contact...

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