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Reinvent the way you handle your business value stream. We use e-Value stream mapping to help you bring systematic improvements in your processes.

eVSM is a digital Lean Management tool to address the systematic improvements in any organization. It provides the detailed insights on cost, capacity and lead time for any process which helps in removal of any form of ‘waste’ in the process. Mapping the transactional map will help to identify the information flow blockages.

As preferred partners of eVSM, we Capture the data from your existing supply chain processes (without any added inconvenience to you) to:

The eVSM Software is the easiest, most automated way to draw, analyze, and share value stream maps. It’s used to reduce waste, balance lines, save costs, increase capacity, and reduce lead times. Three standout aspects of the software

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Product Highlights

  • It provides separate vertical applications with deep analytics for production, supply network and transactional value stream maps. It supports every VSM type that an organization has.
  • It uniquely simplifies mapping and analytics for mixed model production lines and networks.
  • It supports the FULL improvement cycle from current state mapping to waste identification to improvements ideation and management to future state design to implementation planning.
  • The software is deployed at a division or company level and is the lean toolkit standard at many companies.
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