Business Analytics

Empower Business Through Data Analytics & Visualization

ITLytics is a web-based Data Analytical Platform which will accelerate the process of developing an interactive graphical report on the fly to unlock key business performance insights. It is a completely domain-independent platform, which extracts valuable insight from different data sources of a different kind of organization to analyze data and create reports through different visualizations.

ITLytics aims to empower enterprises that have an abundance of raw data, to extract keys areas performance with a cost-effective and powerful visualization platform.


Key Features

Data Source

  • Data source support to MSSQL.
  • Live Data Connection to Data Source.
  • Data Source on Cloud or On-Premises.
  • Can be extended to any data source easily.

Dynamic Dashboard

  • Real-time dashboard/report views of your data.
  • Data visualization with different charts.
  • Ability to drill-down data for detailed visual boards.
  • Intuitive user-friendly design for easy navigation.

Configurable Visualizations

  • Pre-designed templates for quick data analysis.
  • Dynamic data source connection.
  • Export data & visualizations with a single click.
  • Configure reports, chart properties and theme changes on the fly.


Benefits of Process Automation


It is a domain-independent data visualization platform that can be used by any business in healthcare, construction, IT, Legal, BFSI, etc. sectors.

Informed Decision Making

By creating impactful visual analytics, businesses that use ITLytics can leverage the power of data to make better decisions.

Responsive Application

Any registered employee can use the ITLytics from the web or mobile application, giving on-the-go access to the users.


Cost-effective licensing plan for small & medium enterprises, thereby empowering businesses by virtue of a powerful data visualization Platform.

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