Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Market Worldwide Is Projected To Grow By US $108.3 Billion

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BPO is a very famous short form used these days. It is broadly known as Business Process Outsourcing. Current BPO service global industry market value is expected to reach $ US$108.3 Billion

BPO has proved to be the fastest-growing sector!

It has got great success in its budding stage due to a lot of factors that ultimately proved as a boon in the growth of any business. These include cost-effectiveness, offshore or nearshore processing facilities, saving in manpower, and also time difference. This enables any business to divert finances and manpower for more opportunities and business development. Any end-to-end process or segment in the business that requires extra time, extra resources, extra space, and many times domain experts, but it less critical can be outsourced with a third party as a subcontract basis.

Currently, BPO has touched almost every field in the market. BPO has its own importance in customer care, finances, human resources, supply chain, research, medico legal industry, the insurance industry as a back office, and as a front office, it covers sales, marketing, and other services. BPO is now globally spread and widely accepted service. BPO has proved to be a potential source of revenue. This is achieved by keeping the average handling time low ensuring cost effectiveness.

India has a very big advantage in BPO industry. BPO services offer features including value-added processes, high productivity and quality enriched services, 24 x 7 assistance and also caters to changing customer demands.

BPO sector of ITCube BPM is multidimensional and one of the leading BPOs with 600+ employees. We have B2B processes in various domains like healthcare, insurance, indexing, construction, call scoring, and contact center service.

Healthcare Domain:

  • Medical data summarization
  • Medical record indexing
  • Reorganization of medical records

Insurance Domain:

  • Sorting and analyzing claim documents for TPAs

Construction Domain:

  • Gathering construction details
  • Documentation related to the bidding of construction work and many more

Call Scoring:

  • Call scoring for lead management
  • Analytics for the real estate industry

Contact Center Service

  • Direct terminations available in 34 countries (extensions planned)
  • 24×7 Service Desk

To know more about BPO services you can mail us on or you can call us on +1 (614) 434-2376.


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