Records Chronology / Reorganization

About Records Chronology / Reorganization Service

Sorting & organizing Records in the right chronology speeds up the record review process. This is where our “Record Chronology, Reorganization and Indexing” service can help.

Records chronology service provided by ITCube gives you an efficient and unprejudiced summary of the events during a patient’s treatment over a specific period. Provided in a user-friendly format, records are arranged chronologically for quick review.

Record Chronology, Reorganization and Indexing service includes

Sorting by Date

This is the simplest form of chronology where records are sorted as per treatment dates. The chronology can be set from latest to oldest or vice versa.

Sorting by Date, Location and Type of records

Records are sorted and arranged in such a chronology that it can be not only be sorted by date, but by the treatment type or the location where patient was treated. This allows you to quickly see a specific treatment record faster.

Indexing, hyperlinking and Bookmarking

Records are indexed, hyperlinked and bookmarked for quicker and easier navigation. Hyperlinks allow quicker navigation to source page.

Duplicate and non-relevant/ admin records separation/removal

We review the records very carefully to ensure we remove the duplicate and non-relevant records. We also separate admin pages from records and provide it as per requirement.

ITCube understands the importance of Organized Medical Records. To ensure we help you with our aim of making your life easy:

  • We Sort and organize medical records by DATE - forward or reverse order for easy visualization of treatment time frames
  • We separate the Records by Type – Location Visit, Billing and Administrative pages etc.
  • We also help identify duplicates

With records sorted by Date & Type- viewer can understand the sequence of events and quickly review the records.

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Add on service

In case of all mixed up location records, we separate the Record by Locations and organize them. ITCube uses its proprietary sorting tools to deliver Index with Hyperlinks for instant navigation to the actual pages. The Index will show chronologically arranged pages with different report types. Along with Index you also get bookmarks for easy navigation.

The bookmarks are arranged by

  • Type of document – (Location visit, Billing & Administrative)
  • Dates (Forward/Reverse chronology –as per your requirement)
  • Providers and within providers arranged by dates
  • We provide a separate bookmark for administrative pages and duplicates