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Medical record summary & review has proved to be a boon to the legal and healthcare industry. This is a process where tedious medical records are analysed. They are categorized based on the content and service providers. The final product is a hyperlinked summary which enables litigation services, claim services and other healthcare services to process their services at a much faster rate.

Using technology, the healthcare professionals, pharmacists, and doctors review, rearrange and interpret the data, which is easy to access and provides date wise detailed view of the patient’s treatment.

Medical Records Summarization is not just precise writing exercise. Professional Medical Summarizer considers the end use of summarized records as required by the clients, as it will be used for Plaintiffs or Defendants involved in such claim cases. In-line with the end use of the summary of medical record as specified above, tedious medical record data is analysed and categorized based on the data and service providers and then a review is presented which is medico-legally authenticated for the purpose of an anticipated pro-deposition or pro-argument manner, by the end user.

Medical Summary Process

Medical Summary Process

How We Summarize Records

Summarize Medical Records

Highly Skilled And Trained Resources

Highly skilled and trained resources who understand the legal aspects and significance, end use of summary reports by the clients work on creating medical summaries. This helps our client get the medical summaries in a manner where it can be used in a deposition or argument. All such medical facts are collected from actual records to ensure success of our clients. Medical record summary is imperative for attorneys or other parties who are dealing with claim settlement cases related to compensations due to injuries during accidents / work or diseases or all similar conditions. Personal Injury and Workers Compensation is a common Industry term used for such claim cases.

Types Of Summaries We Deliver

Comprehensive Summary

  • Provides the most in-depth view of patient’s medical records.
  • Precise way to extract relevant information for review.
  • Details especially useful in medical malpractice, Toxic tort, Personal injury cases.
  • Deep analysis of the medical records is done to create this summary.

Simple Index Summary

  • Simply gives an overview of the medical records with keywords describing what care was given with the dates of service
  • Most suited option for claim cases with shorter deadlines or for someone who merely want their records sorted and indexed for easy reference and accessibility.
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We Serve


Record Retrieval companies


Law firms dealing with Personal Injury and workers compensation cases.


Independent Medico-Legal Attorneys.


Medical documentation management companies.

Data Security

Medical Data Security

We have physical safeguard in place with:

  • Facility access control achieved by secured work premises with round the clock CCTV surveillance.
  • Workstation security
  • Contingency plan and validation procedures
  • Device and media control policies
  • Inventory logs for hardware and media

For technical safeguard, we have:

  • Access and audit control, ISO certification
  • Transmission security control for safe data transit
  • Entity authentication policies

We achieve administrative safeguard via:

  • Security management process, Information security management system training in place, timely security risk analysis, sanction policy and firewall in place as network safeguard
  • HIPAA overview training for employees
  • Workforce clearance procedures
  • Information access management tools in place
  • Security incidence procedures in place
  • Data contingency plan in place including data backup policies and disaster management plans
  • Business associate contract based on 45CFR
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