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We Provide Best Service To Its Customers

Happy customers are a key to success for any business and to achieve total customer satisfaction, it is very important for any business to provide best service to its customers, especially over the phone. Is your business efficiently evaluating the call quality of the in-house resources? Do you have enough resources to monitor enough calls for clear analysis of quality given to customers? Slacking in providing excellent service will always lead to customer dissatisfaction and loss of business. Hence, it is very important for any business to monitor and analyse every call to improve customer satisfaction.

They way your resources (whether in-house or external) treat your customers (greet, interact, and resolve issues by offering solution) defines the way the customer is going to treat you. It is imperative for any business to monitor such activities for lasting relationship with their customers. ITCube’s Call Quality Audit & Analytics Service enables you to not only monitor every call but also analyse the right and wrong practices to coach your agents an be able to increase overall customer satisfaction as well optimize operations.

ITCube can not only help you monitor calls but also help create right tools to analyse the data accurately to get better insight.

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As a trusted partner, we help you continuously innovate the way evaluation is done and service is provided. Some of our major Call Quality Audit & Analytics Service includes:

Call Quality Benchmark Optimization

The definition of quality differs from business to business, so does the standards and expectations of what can be called high quality. While keeping the international benchmarks for call quality in mind, we work with our customers to create what they consider to be high-quality. We define customer expectations, then match it with key performance indicators to create a benchmark of quality standards. We also collect customer feedback through surveys etc. to improve the benchmark.

Call Analytics

We expect our clients to record all calls and provide us access. We have developed our proprietary analytics software to analyse key performance indicators and give results on areas of improvement. We ensure that each call is monitored, documented and analysed for quality improvements. This in-turn also optimizes the overall call center operations.

Agent Analytics

All human beings are different, so are customer service reps, but their skills can be enhanced and standardized with right training. The analysis of the way agent interacts with the customer, we can evaluate their speech clarity, intonation, accent, confidence professionalism etc. This can then be given as feedback and training opportunities for agent skill enhancement.

Start to End Call Auditing and Analytics Process

Start to End Call Auditing and Analytics Process
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