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Billing Records Summary

Billing records are an integral part of any Medical record. ITCube understands the importance of billing records and provides Billing data sorting and Summary services.

In this service we provide sorting and reorganization of billing records and create an index table based on the date and billing items.

Billing Summary

Types Of Billing Records

Billing Summary Record Types

For Case purposes, we usually Sort, Index and Bookmark all 3 however, we create summary for only Medical Billing records

Summary is done in chronology of date and includes:

  • Charges related to patient treatment / hospitalization
  • Charges related to purchase of medicines, medical equipment’s etc.
  • Charges related to diagnostic test etc. conducted for treatment.

We also identify below items from billing summary

  • CPT & ICD codes
  • Adjustments and payments done by insurance company
  • Payments made by plaintiff (patient)
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