Services Overview

Solutions That Help Overcome Business Hurdles

We combine our knowledge and experience in IT with our strengths in strategy, organization, and operations to deliver the right solution to meet business needs. ITCube has been staying ahead of the technology curve to since 2003, developing and delivering process and goal oriented solution to many businesses around the globe. We aim to provide cost-effective solutions that are tailored for you business and satisfy its needs and requirements.

Our Service Offerings
Litigation Support Services

Any litigation requires a lot of back office tasks to be completed within a stipulated time. ITCube works with Attorneys and medico-legal companies dealing with cases which involve record retrieval, chronology and summary. We provide end to end back office support services to help our clients meet their deadlines and maximize their profit.

Smart Back Office

Any organisation, irrespective of industry type, has a back-office operations team to support mainstream operations and ensure smooth functioning of day to day tasks. It goes without saying that a strong back-office team not only strengthens the organisation, but it also contributes in organizational growth. ITCube offers below back office services to help its clients achieve faster growth and stability.

Contact Center Services

A contact / call center is not just a few agents sitting with phone lines and answering / making calls and trying to sell something, it is a way for any business to expand its outreach. It is necessary for any businesses to have a streamlined call center operation to ensure customer satisfaction and growth.

MSP Support Services
  • Remote Infrastructure Management Services (RIMS)
  • Server Management Services
  • Network Management Services
  • Security Management Services
  • Help desk Services
Recruitment Support Services

Recruitment is one of the most critical and time-consuming task in an organization. Recruitment Support is when a 3rd party company handles all or part of recruitment process of an organization. A Recruitment Support provider acts as an extension of a company’s HR or Resourcing function.

Process Automation

Any organization that has repetitive tasks / recurring transactions can benefit from automating the tasks. Automation helps eliminate human errors and improves the accuracy of the said repetitive tasks. It also helps organization reduce overall cost as less manpower is required to do the same tasks. Automation allows organisations to utilize manpower in more intellectual tasks instead of mundane transactions.