Record Retrieval Support

Building blocks of legal cases

Medical records are the building blocks of legal cases related to personal injury, Medical malpractice, product liability, workers compensation, and other medical-related cases. Their fate depends on the information contained in and discovered from medical records. Medical Record Retrieval is an indispensable part of building a strong case and winning civil litigation. The process a firm follows to retrieve records can make or break the case and ultimate settlement.

Though it may sound easy, but collecting, organizing, and analysing the medical records is no joke. Required records needs to be identified and obtained from many different sources/locations which is a time consuming and many times frustrating task. Then they must be screened and sorted for meaningful data and organized for effective analysis and case preparation. Doing a good job takes considerable time and effort and is necessary to building a strong case.

ITCube can help you with the back-office tasks related to medical record retrieval process, making it easier to build and win profitable cases.


Here’s a quick Overview of areas where ITCube can help

Packet Preparation

  • Preparation of provider / custodian packet
  • Cover Letter & Authorization preparation
  • Adding Declaration / Certificate of No Records
  • Requesting fee checks

Packet Delivery

  • Sending the required documents to providers via Fax/e-mail.

Follow-Up / Expediting

  • Calling up providers / custodians to expedite receipt of record
  • Verifying receipt and approval of documents sent
  • Getting a timeline when the records can be received
  • Following-up to get status of request

Verification / Indexing

  • Receiving records from different providers via fax/e-mail
  • Checking if we have complete records as per request by matching name, DOB and SSN number
  • Reviewing the scan / image quality of the documents
  • Indexing the records

Record Retrieval Support Services

ITCube’s Record Retrieval Support Services makes it easy for you to retrieve records from different providers.
Records are required for Personal injury. workers compensation. Medical malpractice and other related cases. We help our clients for record retrieval, record organization, review and summarization.

Record Retrieval Support

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