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Any litigation requires a lot of back office tasks to be completed within a stipulated time. ITCube works with Attorneys and medico-legal companies dealing with cases which involve record retrieval, chronology and summary. We provide end to end back office support services to help our clients meet their deadlines and maximize their profit.


Our Service Offerings

Medical Record Summary & Review

Medical record summary & review has proved to be a boon to the legal and healthcare industry. ITCube ensures that highly skilled and trained resources who understand the legal aspects and significance, end use of summary reports by the clients work on creating medical summaries.
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Billing Summary

Billing records are an integral part of any Medical record. ITCube understands the importance of billing records and provides Billing data sorting and Summary services. In this service we provide sorting and reorganization of billing records and create an index table based on the date and billing items.
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Record Chronology / Reorganization

Sorting & organizing Records in the right chronology speeds up the record review process. ITCube understands the importance of Organized Medical Records. ITCube uses its proprietary sorting tools to deliver Index with Hyperlinks for instant navigation to the actual pages.
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Record Retrieval Support

Medical records are the building blocks of legal cases. Medical Record Retrieval is an indispensable part of building a strong case and winning civil litigation. ITCube has expertise in back-office tasks related to medical record retrieval process, making it easier to build and win profitable cases.
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Our Litigation Support team is here to discuss your requirements and provide customized solutions based on your needs.